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KASIA INTRIGANTE * Smoking Fetish & Human Ashtray Training * Part 2!

June 8, 2017,   9 mins 17

Divine and majestic Kasia Intrigante strikes back! Dressed like a black widow and wearing her fine gloves, You have already fallen under her spell when she enters the room...! She loves to tease You first by smoking her extra-long Cigarettes... while You are only allowed to watch! Then she will come to You very close and You will have to inhale all her divine Puffs of Smoke! She mesmerizes and controls You with her demanding and hot eyes! Come closer, smell der divine scent and open Your mouth... to swallow all the hot ash dripping from the Cigarette of this supreme Goddess!

Contains: smoking fetish, mesmerize, human ashtray, tongue fetish, tease and denial, pov smoking, femdom, brunettes, gloves, female domination

ASHLEY BULGARI - Slutty Smoking on the Toilet

June 7, 2017,   7 mins 01

Ready boys? Cos sexy and divine Fetish Mistress Ashley Bulgari sure is! She loves to tease You with her hot Smoking and and her juicy big DSL's. Her Bubble Lips you command You to get down on Your knees and crawl to her. She will blow all her divine Smoke straight into Your Face! Just follow her instructions if you want to cum. Inhale her smoke deep and swallow it all for her! You are now becoming her personal human ashtray!

Contains: solo, smoking fetish, human ashtray, edge play, masturbation control, JOI, gloves fetish, striptease, tease and denial, stockings, high heels, toy, slave orders, P.O.V. smoking

KASIA INTRIGANTE * Smoking Fetish and Human Ashtray Training under the Feet of the Goddess - Part #1

June 06, 2017,  8 mins 8

Kasia Intrigante is back in her next hot and nasty Tease & Denial Videoclip with a lot of Smoke, Foot Fetish and Human Ashtray Instructions!
Would you like to serve as her human Ashtray and inhale all her divine Smoke, while You are lying deep down under her divine Feet ? Will You swallow it all for her in Your dirty mouth? KASIA will tease You to the very limit... Are you ready for her ? You better!

Contains: sexy gloves, Human Ashtray Training, Tease & Denial, POV Femdom, Foot Fetish, Smoking Fetish, Slave Control, POV Slave orders, Pantyhose Fetish

JULY DIAMOND - Sexy private Striptease Smoking Fetish Adventures in front of the Mirror!

May 15, 2016,   8 mins 26

Follow gorgeous Deluxe Bombshell Beauty Miss July Diamond into her bedroom... where she dresses up super sexy in her lingerie and teases You like mad! You will have to bow down in front of her and worship her deluxe Ass while she is smoking very hot and using You as her human ashtray! JULY will tease You to the very limit... Edge play included!

Contains: lingerie, smoking fetish, smoke blows, human ashtray training, blondes, pornstars, striptease, big boobs, ass worshipping, boots fetish, mistress, POV femdom, fetish, Domination

Sidney Dark's Smokers Delight Sessions

May, 2017,   8 mins 02

Hot German Gothic Model and Mistress SIDNEY DARK loves to tease You with her long and super sexy tongue, while smoking fine cigarettes between her beautiful dark red shiny Lips! She will tease You so much in this new Series that You are immediately spellbound by her mystical presence! Follow her instructions, which she is doing by intense eye-contact... bow down... worship her... inhale her divine smoke... and do as You are told!!

Contains: tongue fetish, leather fetish, smoking fetish, chastity, femdom, cigarettes smoking, tease & denial, boots

Ashley Bulgari and her sexy gf July Diamond in hot Smoking Fetish and extreme Double Impact Teasing!

May, 2017,   10 mins 05

Gorgeous hot Fetish Pornstar Ashley Bulgary has invited her sexy girlfriend & world-class Mistress July Diamond for a double Impact Fetish Treat! Today they will show You, how they can tease You to the edge with their double Femdom Power ... by drinking fine champagne and smoking cigarettes ... in order to tease You! Just follow our voices and spunk on our feet later, slave! You will become totally addicted to these 2 Goddesses!

Contains: smoking fetish, blondes, lingerie, strip tease, high heels, two goddesses, blondes, human ashtray, pov slavery, stockings, masturbation instructions

Ashley Bulgari and July Diamond having hot Smoking after Sex * Part 2

April, 2017,   7 mins 38

The dominant blonde Bitch Duo from Hell strikes back again! In this second Part they are licking each other's tits, pressing their sexy asses into deeper into the screen and are having hot Smoking after Sex again! They want You to stroke Your fucking cock, while they tease You to the maximum Edge! But no release for You today - You are ust their sex toy.

Contains: smoking fetish, double femdom, topless Domination, Femdom, toy, tease/denial, big tits, blondes, edge play, masturbation control and instructions, slave orders, pov femdom

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